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We build connectors to help Merchants grow their businesses with Shopify. We can advise on how to build a Shopify connector, or we can plan it out and build it for you.

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Grow your business with a Shopify Connector

The Shopify API is straight forward and reliable which creates a robust environment on which to connect 3rd party services and this has attracted many of the popular service providers to start integrating with the platform.

Some of these services choose to list their apps publicly in the Shopify App Marketplace as a marketing channel to attract new customers, however, some just use the Shopify API as a means of connecting their existing customer base.

We typically build "conector apps" to facilitate the movement of data between the 3rd party service and the Shopify store dependant on the triggers required. 

For example, on the front-end, a tracking and analytics service may need scripts injected into a stores pages in order to feed data back to their platform to assist with visitor and conversion analysis. Similarly,  a recommendations service may wish to inject a widget into a product page to offer the customer recommended items based on the current product they are viewing and other customers behaviour.

On the back-end, a CRM platform may require order data to be fed into its platform to enter that customer into a series of automations as part of a continuous buying cycle.

Whatever the level of integration required, Shopify has a number of very useful webhooks and API endpoints to facilitate the majority of integration triggers and events.

How we work on integrations

We typically like to establish a phased approach to connector apps. We start by working with the client to highlight any areas that have the potential to cause issues down the line, for example a task that could cause an API bottleneck, and once we have those ironed out with a proposed solution, we then try to agree on what a phase one app would look like.

Taking our tried tested Shopify app connector framework, we then build phase one rapidly to prove that we have an end to end connector between Shopify and the 3rd Party service that pushes the right data to the right places or delivers the right widgets into the right pages.

We then start adding the bells and whistles, data transformations and business rules into the next phase which is when we start to look at a go live date.

Once live and any issues are addressed, we then look to complete the full scope of the brief providing the service provider with their desired integration into the Shopify Merchant.

We've undertaken integrations for numerous well known services and continue to work behind the scenes to deliver them seamlessly into the Shopify platform.

Get in touch

If you'd like to discuss your 3rd Party System/Service/Platform integration requirements, please take a minute to provide us with a bit of information and we'll be in touch to discuss it further:

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