• What does this app do?

    This app allows you to group and categorise your orders based on it's properties. This will help you to manage your fulfilment processes.

  • Why would I need to tag orders?

    Tags are a great way to categorise or highlight certain orders. For example if you wanted to highlight all the orders which contain a specific product you can use the app to auto apply the tagging rule. You can then view that list of specific orders in a custom filtered list in your Shopify admin panel.

  • How to create a filtered order list in Shopify?

    To create a filtered order search in Shopify, simply go to orders > Filter Orders (dropdown) > select a filter > Tagged With > Add the tag you want to create a filtered search for > Add Filter > Save this search > give it a name e.g. 'New Customer Orders' > Save. 
    This will then provide you with a new tab along the top of your order lists, so you can view orders containing a specific tag.

  • Why would I need to tag blank orders?

    This rule is to be used to highlight any orders which do not contain any tags. Currently you're unable to negative tag search within Shopify e.g. 'Filter orders which do not contain....'. This rules categories the uncategorised orders and allows you to search for that order. This tagging rule is delayed slightly as it waits to see if any of the other rules apply a tag to the order or not, if not it will tag it.  Best way to use this rule is to setup a rule 'uncategorised' So you can search for all the orders which need categorising.

  • What if I need a rule which isn't in the list?

    We build bespoke rules from £100 one off charge, so feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements.

  • When do tags get applied?

    All tags are applied as soon as the order matches a rule you have created.

  • How long does it take for the app to apply a tag?

    In most cases the tag is applied instantly. However, during extremely busy periods on the server it can take up to 10mins for a tag to be applied

  • What status does the order need to be for the tag to be applied

    The tag is applied to all orders which match a rule and are marked 'paid'

  • How long does the order processing take when enabling back dating?

    This can take up to 24 hours depending on the number of open orders on the store. If there are more 100,000 we advise the merchant to get in touch so we can help with this process