We’ve made the setup and installation of this app as simple as possible. This app does not require any coding knowledge, so you can be up and running within a few minutes.

Below you will find the set-up steps to get Happy Birthday Email configured for your store.

  1. Things to consider during set-up
  2. Step 1 - Select your plan
  3. Step 2 - Request customisation help
  4. Step 3 - Campaign Content
  5. Step 4 - Campaign Delivery
  6. Step 5 - Discount codes - Automatic Generation

Things to consider during set-up

  • Selecting the correct plan – we expect up to 80% of customers to provide their birthday details on the order status page, therefore, you need to consider your typical order volume and select the most appropriate plan so that you don’t get caught out
  • Selecting a discount – be generous, this is your customers special day and you want to really delight them when they open your mail. It’s once a year so worth giving them a birthday to remember!
  • Discount duration – don’t force them into a fast decision as they will be more likely to ignore, give customers at least 30 days to redeem their code.
  • Dedicated Birthday Landing Pages – the best email campaigns will include a dedicated birthday landing page that customers can click on from the email – you can use your creativity here to include videos, GIF’s and other fun features to brighten up their day. If you would like us to build a dedicated landing page for your email campaigns, then please do get in touch.
  • Order Confirmation Page - We find a high number of customers return to their order confirmation page so you will find that when first installing the app, you might get more customers who sign up than orders going through. This is because those customers who ordered before you install the app, might check the status of their order on this page. They see the Happy Birthday message and opt in.

Step 1 - Select your plan

Before starting is best to select the most approriate plan for you, based on your sales volumes. This ensure that you don’t exceed the limit of the plan and customers don’t receive their birthday email.

Step 2 - Request customisation help

You will be prompted by a pop up box, if you complete this we will get in touch to arrange for your logo to be dropped into the header of your email template. Alternatively, you can email your logo in direct to: and we be in touch

Step 3 - Campaign Content

Go to the settings tab of the app. Checkout settings, email settings and email content areas includes all the details, timing and content of your campaign. Work through all the boxes to ensure each customer touch point has your own tone of voice.

If you click Preview you will see the email preview. Make sure you fill out all the boxes to ensure nothing is missing.

Step 4 - Campaign Delivery

On the same page under email sending, you can control the number of days before the birthday the email goes out and the time of day the app fires the email. Please note time of day is based on your stores timezone.

If you would like it to go out on the day of their birthday set the day to 0

Step 5 - Discount codes - Automatic Generation

Here you can setup the app to automatically create a unique code for each customer at the time the email is triggered. This means each customer will have their unique code and it ensures it can’t be shared and used multiple times by different customers. Just complete all the boxes within the section to setup the rules of that code.

Manual codes - if you prefer to use a generic code which is shared by all, you can create that code directly in your discounts section on Shopify. Then type that code in the box provided *

* please note manual discount codes will not be tracked in our dashboard so we recommend, automatic discount codes for full campaign tracking.