Plans & Pricing

We have transparent pricing to suit Shopify Merchants of any size. Choose a package that best fits your current business needs and upgrade when you're ready for the next level.

Our Plans

  • Starter
    $ 0.00 / month
    • Send up to 50 Birthday Emails!
  • Growth
    $ 10.00 / month
    • Send up to 5,000 Birthday Emails!
  • Established
    $ 20.00 / month
    • Send up to 15,000 Birthday Emails!
  1. Plan Limitations
  2. Upgrading your Plan
  3. Premium Features

Plan Limitations

Each plan is limited to a certain number of Birthday emails that can be sent out via the system. We will continue to capture your Customers' Birthdates even if you have exceeded the number of Birthday Emails that you can send out.

Upgrading your Plan

We advise you to Upgrade your plan as soon as you hit the limit of your current plan. This will ensure that Birthday Emails continue to be sent out to your customers. You can upgrade your plan from within the app.

Premium Features

All features are available to all plans, however we have a number of premium features under development that will only be available to the top tier plan. These features will be announced as soon as they become available.

Need a Custom Plan?

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. I'm sure we can accommodate!

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