• What results can I expect from my Happy Birthday Email Campaign?

    We see some fantastic performance stats from our Merchant stores with some seeing up to 10% conversion rates from birthday emails sent out. On average we see the following stats:

    • **Data capture rate after order placed 36%
    • Email open rate 65%
    • Click through rate 10%
    • Conversion rate 5%*

    The above stats are based on merchants using automatic discounts only.

    **Numbers accurate as of 6/12/2017

  • Can I customise my email template?

    You can define all of the messaging within the birthday email as well as the button colour and link. If you send us your logo, we will be more than happy to drop it into your email template for you.

    Equally, if you have a custom email template, we will be happy to upload this for you. We will need the HTML file along with the assets. There is some limitation as to what we can upload due to the dynamic element of the emails, but, we will help you to achieve the results you are looking for.

  • How can I test to see what the birthday capture widget looks like?

    The following steps will walk you through testing the birthday capture widget:

    • Enable the birthday capture widget within the app settings
    • Go to a recent order within your Shopify admin area
    • Click on more options > view order status page
    • You will be taken to the order status page for that order.
    • On this page, you will see the birthday capture widget just under the order details.

    Please note, the birthday capture widget will only be displayed on the order status page where those customers have not already submitted their date of birth.

    Alternatively, enable the birthday capture widget and then place a test order in your store and you will see the widget in action on the order status page.

  • Can I have a custom birthday capture form landing page?

    We’ve just launched this feature so it’s still in BETA, however, please contact us for support in getting your birthday capture form landing page set-up to your liking.

  • Can I send a test email via the app?

    Yes. You will need to add your birthdate to the app by placing a test order, or, by importing a CSV file containing your birthday and contact details.

    Please note, we have built in a measure to prevent anyone receiving a birthday email within 24 hours of leaving their DOB. This is to stop people abusing the system and trying to get a quick discount code for your store.

    You also have the option to preview your email template within the app. If you go to the settings page and click preview it will appear in a pop up.

  • Can I control when the birthday email is sent?

    You can determine the time of day that the birthday email is sent and what day it is sent. This allows you to send out birthday emails up to a few weeks before the customers actual birthday if you want to tempt them into an early birthday gift for themselves!

  • What happens when I reach my plans limit of sending birthday emails?

    When you get to within 20% of your plan's email limit, we will notify you by email that you need to upgrade.

    Please add support@happybirthday.unionworks.co.uk to your contacts so that you don’t miss this notification from us.

  • What happens if I exceed my maximum limit on birthday emails?

    When you hit the limit, the app will stop sending out birthday emails to your customers, so, it’s important that you keep up to date and select the right plan for the amount of birthdays you have captured. We will continue to collect your customers birthday data, but you will need to upgrade your plan in order for those emails to be sent out. 

  • What if I don’t want to ask my customers for their age?

    We have built in the ability for the birthday capture widget to request only the day and month of birth if you feel that your customers would be reluctant to tell you their year of birth. This can be controlled in the app settings.

  • Can I export my customers birthday data?

    You can export all the data stored within the Happy Birthday Email app from the data tab within the app. It is exported in a standard CSV file format and this CSV can then be uploaded into other email service providers.

  • How can I upload existing customer birthdates into the app?

    You can import customer data into the app using a CSV file. The required fields are:

    1. Email
    2. Date of birth – you need to make sure the DOB’s within the CSV follow the same format e.g. DD/MM/YYYY if they vary in format it will not upload correctly.
    3. Customer First Name (Optional)
    4. Customer Last Name (Optional)
  • Can I ask previous customers to provide the app with their birthdate?

    Yes. You can use our new birthday capture form landing page to gather birthdays from previous customers.

    The link to your birthday capture form is in the following format:

    https://{{ yourdomain.com }}/apps/birthday

    You could create an email campaign to encourage previous customers to revisit your site and leave their birthday details. New visitors to your site can also be directed to the birthday capture form to leave their details without needing to place an order.