• Where do I get my Google Merchant Id?

    Your merchant id is displayed under your company details once you have logged into the Google Merchant Center - https://merchants.google.com

  • Primary domain

    Please ensure that the primary domain that you have set for your Shopify store is the same as the domain specified in your Google Merchant Account.

    Your primary domain is the one you want customers and search engines to see and can be edited in your Shopify admin panel by going to Online Store > Domains

    Please note: Only stores on a paid Shopify Plan will have the ability to edit their Primary domain

  • I have enabled the Google Customer Reviews Badge in the app, however, the badge says "0.0 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ No rating available". I have already received a number of survey responses, why do I not have a rating?

    Your Google Customer Reviews Badge will state 'Rating not available' instead of a rating (i.e.the numerical value and star rating) until a minimum of 150 reviews have been collected by Google.They will then be able to establish your seller rating. We recommend not enabling the badge until you have established your seller rating.

  • How do I view the ratings Google Customer Reviews has received about my site?

    Go to your Google Seller Ratings landing page:

    (where [domain] is your website URL) 

    and then click on the link labelled "Google Customer Reviews".

  • How many questions does the Google Customer Reviews survey have?

    The survey will only contain one question, determined by Google. There is also an additional freeform area to leave additional feedback.

  • Can I customise the text that appears in the survey opt-in window?

    Afraid not! The text that appears in the survey opt-in pop-up window is delivered by Google and is not customisable.

  • I have a multi-lingual Shopify store. What language will the Google Survey Opt-In Window be in?

    Within our app settings, you can set a default global language for the survey opt-in pop-up to appear in, however, if you do not specify a value, the survey will use a language setting based on the customer's browser settings.