• What does this app do?

    This app allows you to group and categorise your customers based on their activity. It allows you to assign tags automatically to the customer record based on their order history and many more actions.

  • Why would I need to tag customers?

    Tags are the best and simplest way to segment your customers. You can create customer groups/personas based on what they buy, how much they spend, how often they purchase etc. This allows you to create more segmented marketing lists and create targeted email campaigns to different types of customer

  • How can I create a marketing campaign using customer tags?

    You can use an app like Klaviyo to create customer segments based on the tags of the customer. You then can create new marketing campaigns and assign a segment to that campaign.

  • How does the back dating work?

    Firstly you need to create your rules, once they are done they will automatically tag customers when new orders come through.

    To back date these rules you need to click on the existing rules tab. From here you will need to enable the backdating. This then allows us to process all your order history. Once we've been through the entire order history you will be able to back date your rules to either specific dates or to the beginning of time.

    Please note we can only process open orders and not archived ones.

    The processing time depends on the number of open orders within the store, it can take up to 24 hours for those with a high amount of open orders.

  • How do expiry dates on tagging rules work?

    When you create a rule you can set a timer on that tag to be removed after a set period of time. This means once customer tagger applies a tag to a customer record, the timer for that specific tag starts. So if you set the rule to expire after 30 days, that tag will automatically be removed after 30 days.

    If that customer places another order before the end of the expiry, the original expiry timer is cancelled and replaced with a new expiry.