Create rules that send out automated emails to your customers. Keep customers in the buying cycle with promotional, discount code and thank you emails.

Key Info

Price from $5 to $20 / month
Free Trial 7 Days
Works on Dev Stores No. A paid Shopify plan is required.
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  1. What does it do?
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What does it do?

The Boomerang app allows you to create an automated email that is sent out to customers who have placed orders after a specified number of days. Examples of automations include:

Stimulate repeat custom: Send email to customer after 60 days with a discount code
Request a review: Send email to customer 7 days after last purchase and request a review of the product they bought.

Re-order question: Send email to customer 14 days after last purchase asking if the customer would like to re-order.

Service Happiness - Send email to customer 4 days after last purchase making sure that their parcel arrived in good condition and if they were happy with their order.


  • Emailing timing - you can set how many days after the order goes out that the email is triggered. You can set this to zero if you would like it to go out instantly
  • Order Trigger - you can define at what point the order is triggered, whether it's on a 'paid' status or 'fulfilled' status
  • Conditions - you can define which products have to be purchased in order to trigger the email. For example on trigger this email if someone buys one of the following products.
  • Email content - send in your logo to our support team and we will help style your email template.
  • Discount code conditions - you can define the a variety of rules and conditions when including a discount code on the email.