About Union Works

We're a small team of developers working remotely within the UK. We combine our development and eCommerce experience to deliver smart and robust apps and integrations to the Shopify platform.

Our sole focus is to enable Merchants to grow with Shopify through smart, innovative apps and integrations into the systems that they already use.

The Team

A brief intro to the Union Works team...

  • Sam Henning

    New Projects and Tractor Boy

    Sam has worked on the Shopify platform since 2015 and had helped grow Leumas Digital to one of the top Shopify Expert agencies in the UK. Focusing on the scoping and delivery of complex app development projects and warehouse integrations, Sam will be on hand every step of the way.

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  • Charles Marsh

    App Developer and Lover of Burpees

    Charles has been developing on the Shopify platform since 2011, including a 3 month stint as 2nd line technical support for Shopify in Canada. As well as co-founding Leumas Digital, he has delivered hundreds of websites for global brands all over the world. Focusing on custom Ruby on Rails applications, Charles's deep understanding of the Shopify platform is a crucial element in getting complex projects delivered. 

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  • Alex Dover

    App specialist and Deadlifter

    Alex eats REACT for breakfast and Laravel for lunch with frequent snacks of server maintenance and hosting infrastructure. He’s a roadmap superstar, wiping clean gitLab boards for kicks and when he’s not doing that, well… we don’t know… that situation hasn't happened yet.

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  • James Taylor

    Developer and New Dad

    James has been a professional developer on the Shopify platform since 2016 and is a firm believer eradicating drop shadows from the internet. He has extensive experience in the retail sector and uses that to ensure he provides responsive, well thought out features to each shopify site that he builds.

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  • Steve Jones

    Product Owner and DIY Adversary

    Steve has been building and running successful Shopify Apps since 2011, selling the hugely popular Cross-Sell app towards the end of 2017. Focusing on product roadmap, product support and product integration, Steve's experience of building apps and integrations on top of the Shopify API is invaluable.

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